Karin Richert (english cv)

1950 born in Kirchheim/Teck

1976-1979 studies of painting and graphics in Mannheim

1977-2000 numerous solo and group exhibitions (painting)

1996 primarily work with the medium of photography

With the camera as her chisel and brush, Karin Richert’s canvas is everyday life. She does not see herself as a documentarian, but rather subtracts her motives out of serendipities, as a witness to a reality that in its raw bluntness evokes doubts, hopes and dreams. The often contradictory photographs captivate the eye of the beholder and focus on themes of anarchy, pain and social inequality. There are references to the movement of the worker photographers. Her artistic commitment is primarily directed against right-wing radicalism.

Since 2000, Karin Richert has photographically accompanied Gunter Demnig’s project „Stolpersteine“ for the NS Documentation Center in Cologne. In 2012, her publication „Photographic Positions 2001 – 2011 Karin Richert“ was published by GaRe Verlag.