Art Market Budapest 2016


Galerie Koppelmann/ Kunstwerk Nippes, Art Market Budapest
Stand G 108
From October 13 to October 16, 2016

It is our pleasure to announce gallery Galerie Koppelmann/ Kunstwerk Nippes participation at ART MARKET BUDAPEST Art Fair 2016


Botond, Peter Gilles, Károly Klimó, Thomas Gatzemeier



IMG_2244Sculptor Kardos Botond (1949, Pécs, Hungary – 2010 Nuremberg, Germany) became known as BOTOND in the International and Hungarian art scene. He had lived in Germany since 1979. He elaborated framework projects, which he realized through sculptures, drawings, paintings, photos, and actions. Several of his works deal with the criticism of interrelated knowledges and applications: nature ↔ cognitive systems ↔ social distribution systems. His work cannot be considered conceptual art despite their philosophical character: he renewed the means of conventional sculpture, painting and graphics with a peculiar form of expression. His work are saturated with criticism and humorous reflections. He was fond of using stainless steel, used truck tilt, sewed and welded polyethylene, velvet, bronze, and wire. His works can be viewed in public places (Budapest, Nuremberg), in public collections (Germany, Austria, Hungary), as well as in many private collections throughout Europe.

Peter Gilles

IMG_2285There is probably no other artist who has dedicated his body and soul to art the same way as the german artist Peter Gilles. In his creative work he explores his physical and mental limits. The central theme of his work is the human being and his existential challenges. The exeptional artist based in Cologne and Stresa left his mark on the 1980s and 1990s art scene of Cologne and inspired generations after him with his radical actions and performances. His works are „Fragments for clarification of the own identity“, that make the dimension of violence, suffering and desire in human existence perceptible. His unique style of painting has made him famous in numerous exhibitions. He lives and works in Cologne, Germany and Stresa, Italy. Many of his works can be found in renowned museums and collections worldwide such as Collection Peter Ludwig, Museum Ludwig Köln and Aachen, Kunsthaus Zürich, Museum of Modern Art, Ithaka N.Y., Museum Schloß Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Sammlung Prof. Dr. Reiner Speck, Sammlung Dobermann.

Károly Klimó

IMG_2227Born in Békéscsaba in 1936. Completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest between 1956 and 1962. Has taken part in group exhibitions at home and abroad since 1966. Was invited to head evening classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1972. Held his first one-man show in Budapest in 1974. Has held solo exhibitions abroad (in Austria, the United States, Finland, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland etc) since 1979. Head of the painting department and tutor at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1990 to 2005. Member of the Széchenyi Literary and Arts Academy since 1993. Awarded the Munkácsy prize in 1972, the Juho Rissanen prize in Finland in 1980, the title Artist of Merit in 1998 and the Herder prize in 2005.
Lives and works in Budapest and the hills above Lake Balaton.

Thomas Gatzemeier

IMG_2280Born in 1954 in Döbeln/ Saxony, studied, painting and graphic art in Leipzig from 1975 to 1980 after an apprenticeship as a poster artist. After his expatriation in 1986, he lives in Karlsruhe with longer stays in Zurich and in the region of Worpswede. Since 1987 he had regular exhibitions in galleries, art associations and museums. His works can be found in renowned collections in Germany and abroad. No school and no style associate with the works of Gatzemeier. The Work is characterized by a dual nature; the Apollonian and Dionysian, the Eros and Thanatos. Layer by layer, they condense into color topographies, which pulse and theme remain, the gure and the body. The virtuoso mastery of the techniques of drawing and painting characterizes his images without being academic. In his gesture abstract painting, the paint itself becomes a sensual immediacy and manages sensitive surface structures and elaborate reliefs.
Since 1989 he lives and works in Leipzig and Karlsruhe.