Thomas Gatzemeier (english cv)

1954 born in Döbeln, Saxony

Training as a typeface and poster painter

Work as stonemason and grave stone designer

1975 studies in painting and graphics at the renowned Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig under the teachers Arno Rink and Volker Stelzmann

1980 work as a freelance artist

1986 Emigration to the FRG after conflicts with the rulers and an exhibition ban in the GDR

Since 1987 exhibitions in galleries, art associations and museums

Since 1989 temporary work stays in Leipzig

2002 One-year artistic work on a 60 sqm altarpiece in the Marienkirche Crailsheim – Onolzheim

2006 to 2015 studio and residence in Leipzig

Thomas Gatzemeier lives and works mainly in Karlsruhe, but also spent some time in Zurich and near Worpswede.

His painterly work, stylistically unbounded, circles the female body again and again, is oriented towards nature and connected with the tradition of the objective image. Although this objectivity was abstracted in earlier phases of the work, it was always based on explicitly organic forms. Today, the clearly drawn, almost neoclassical act is the focus of his work.

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