Klimó Károly (english cv)

1936 born in Békéscsaba, Hungary

1956-1962 study at the Budapest University of Fine Arts

from 1966 participation in group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad (e. g. Biennale of Young Artists, Paris, Venice Biennale)

1972 Appointment as head of the evening course of the College of Fine Arts, Budapest

1972 award of the Munkácsy Prize, Hungary

1974 First solo exhibition in Budapest

since 1979 solo exhibitions abroad (Austria, USA, Finland, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, etc.)

1980 award of the Juho Rissanen Prize, Finland

1990 Appointed professor at the University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Department of Painting

1993 member of the Academy of Literature and Art „Széchenyi“

since 1998 ‚Artist of Merit‘

2005 award of the Herder Prize

Károly Klimó lives and works in Budapest and the hills of Lake Balaton. He is today one of Hungary’s best-known contemporary artists and is considered a representative of non-figurative art. Philosophy and political events are just as inspirational sources of his work as the tensions of society and of being. Using the means of color and abstraction, Károly Klimó takes the liberty of reducing these complex facts to their original core forms. New perspectives and tensions arise, ranging from associative gestures, to drastic dynamics, to spiritual energy.