Horst Kistner (english cv)

1969 born in Würzburg

1986-1988 Photography Study at the Lette-Verein Berlin

1988-2012 Professional Photography in Advertising/Food

since 2013 exclusively artistic works

Horst Kistner lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Focussig on the artistic aspect in his works, Horst Kistners stylistic means and visual language arise from his experience in the advertising industry. As a recurring motif, he combines his works with his passion for vintage articles and cinematographic scenarios. In 2013 he presented his first solo exhibition in Paris. Followed by several more in Germany and Europe.

Kistner’s photographs with their light and dark compositions are reminiscent of the classic paintings by Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Thematically, he is inspired by American films of the 1950s. As an additional influence, paintings by Edward Hopper can be found in Kistner’s work, which gives rise to dreamy, melancholic and sensual photographs. The play with light and the creation of narrative scenarios leave the picture to the viewer’s own personal imagination.