Botond (english cv)

1949 born in Fünfkirchen / South Hungary

1967-1975 study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest

1975-1979 freelance artist in Hungary

1979 relocation to the FRG

from 1979 freelance artist in Nuremberg

2010 death after a serious illness

Born in Pécs in 1949, the German-Hungarian artist completed his training as a goldsmith at the University of Applied Arts in Budapest, in 1975. Four years later, he moves to Germany to devote himself to the fine arts. He lived and worked in Nuremberg and Budapest. His extensive oeuvre includes numerous work groups, from small sculptures, assemblages, room sculptures, room installations to drawings, also including large-scale projects with which the artist Botond gained international fame. His work gives an intense experience with the transience and asks questions of civilization. Its formal variety and the sensual qualities arises through the artist’s experimental handling of materials and techniques.
Botond’s work has not only been shown in museums, galleries and public spaces, but also in bunkers, in rooms of the former Nuremberg Nazi party, town halls, quarries, monasteries, deserted artist domiciles and libraries.