KOLGA 2017

18301222_1526031990801256_2634959307914602183_nHorst Kistner
Broken Flowers from the series
“Les Sentiments Perdus”

Curated by Janine Koppelmann

The picture series “Les sentiments perdus” by Horst Kistner is inspired of the style of the 50s and 60s. The photographs on „past emotions“ show surrealist photographs of the everyday with a cinematic light guide.
The stories in the pictures have no end; the photographs remain open to the interpretation of everyone who looks at them.
The artist leaves his works to the imagination of the beholder. One wonders why a woman throws a bouquet of roses into the cooking pot, as in „Boiling point“ or supposes that the dog in „Berlin 33“ will have eaten the indicated poultry – a metaphor for the political situation. „Caesar“ is the proof that the dog and the owner are more and more similar over the years.

Horst Kistner
Horst Kistner was born in 1969, in Würzburg. He is a professional photographer, who worked in the field of food and advertising photography for TimeLife, Bertelsmann and GU. Since 2010 he focuses on artistic for staged photography combining his passion for vintage items and cinematographic scenarios. In 2013 he showed his first solo exhibition in Paris and many shows followed throughout Germany and Europe. Kistner“s photographs with their light-dark compositions are reminiscent of the classical paintings by Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Thematically, he is inspired by American films of the 1950s. Edward Hopper“s paintings also play a major role in Kistner“s work, creating dreamy, melancholic sensual photographs with a special play of light.


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