Kolga 2016






Am 12. Mai 2016 eröffnet das diesjährige Fotfestival Kolga Tbilisi Photo. Auch in diesem Jahr sind wir wieder dabei. Wir zeigen im Festival Programm die Ausstellung „Captured Moment“ mit einer Sammlung von historischen Ferrotopien und frühen Fotoarbeiten des Fotopioniers Desirée van Monckhoven (1834–1882). Ausserdem wird das Kunstprojekt „Self Reflection“ von Janine Koppelmann & Teona Gogichaishvili im Rahmen des Festivals erstmals gezeigt.


The Captured Moment – Historical Photographs

Probably there is no technique that is, with such great passion, used against forgetting, like photography. The exhibition presents an exquisite collection of tintypes from Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany and Hungary dated between 1890 -1920 including classic studio portraits and group images as well as pictures of itinerant photographers. Furthermore, early glass slides and photographs on porcelain from Desirée van Monckhoven (1834–1882) are on display.

Opening: 16 May 2016, 18.00 pm
Exhibition Venue: TBC Art Gallery | St.7 Marjanishvili | Georgia 0102



Self Reflection

The fast changes in our world and the new conflicts that come along with the political and social dislocations are challenging the individual and the community. Culture and Identity are becoming the main subject of our century. But they are nothing uniform, but multi-layered and complex, not only national, religious and regional, but they depend very strongly on the roles that we take in our society. The big question of the 21st century is how we can define our identity in an increasingly complex world. The exhibition project „Self Reflection“ connects different photographic positions from the portrait up to the landscape analysing the question through self-observation. Who and what defines and constructs identity? Which kinds of identity are there?

Opening: 14 May 2016, 17.00 pm
Exhibition Venue: TBC Art Gallery | St.7 Marjanishvili | Georgia 0102