KOLGA 2015


Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes zu Gast in Tiflis, Georgien

Sh. Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts
L. Gudiashvili Str. №1

Opening May 2
18.30 h

Urban Maze – Galerie Koppelmann

Curated by J. & V. Koppelmann, Coordinator: T. Gogichaishvili
Embark on a journey into the labyrinth of urban life

With a selection of contemporary photography, sound collages and a multimedia installation by international artists, we invite you to join us to descent into the beguiling, disturbing, sensual, hot-cold world of the metropolises of our world.

The majority of the world’s population lives in big cities or metropolises. A world of skyscrapers and concrete. An urban jungle with arterial roads and vast underworlds. The city undergoes constant changes and the individual buildings remain as a recollection, inheriting past and present history. In the same time they form a puzzle piece in the new surroundings. Monumental buildings tell of past times and political influences. The passage of time leaves its mark and so the decay of houses realizes the constant change and the change between transience and a new beginning.

Artists: Bogi Bell, Manfred Bockelmann, Dieter Bork, Lica Cecato, Leon Cockuyt, Heinz Held, Fritz Henle, Irmel Kamp, Berta Katona, Udo P. Klein, William Klein, KRITZKRATZ, Locano, Uwe Oldenburg, Hans Petri, Rolf Phillips, Karin Richert, Kaddy Saidykhan, Alfred Särchinger, Elmar Schmitt, Karl Hugo Schmölz, Jürgen Wassmuth, Miron Zownir and many more.