Hans Petri (english cv)

1963 born in Bonn

1988 – 1992 studys at the Wilhelm-University Bonn in political economy, political science, art history, communication science and phonetics

1992 – 1999 University of the Arts, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main; Study under Professor Per Kirkeby and Professor Georg Herold

2001 master student of Professor Georg Herold

2004 Prize of the Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe e.V.

2010 ‚Artist in Residence‘ in Antwerp, scholarship of the City of Frankfurt

Hans Petri lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

The works of Frankfurt-based artist Hans Petri polarize the audience with their irritating, disturbing content. His art revolves around sexual obsessions and provokes with its extreme, only supposedly explicit content, sometimes humorously, sometimes radically. They confront the audience with their own sexual fantasies or taboos. His work is a multi-sensory experience of intimacy and its deconstruction. Disassembling, merging and interweaving different images and contents, Hans Petri creates disturbing mirror cabinets. Quotes from a pluralistic world of politics, advertising, culture and society are related. Hans Petri’s art is a commitment to his own generation whose insecurity and disorientation moves between pop culture and intellectuality.